Even though Placing with your wetsuit is frequently a fragile undertaking For numerous divers specially when the Solar will make you sweat plus your clothes glue on the skin. But it is essential to master this technique so as not to wreck your neoprene and enhance the lifetime of it.See our strategies to prevent any inconvenience and put your neopr… Read More

This can be a very common challenge among pupils inside our fundamental system. And No surprise, choosing a excellent mask is without doubt one of the primary factors for a snug dive. An unsuitable mask can become a nightmare even if you are diving into the top location on the planet. Picture you savoring the beauties on the Caribbean plus your mas… Read More

Robustness and versatility: these are the attributes of Suunto equipmentLaunched in 1936, the Suunto has created diving gear are the greatest allies of the fans of this kind of sport. All things considered, these are materials which are distinguished by their robustness and versatility, along with having an advanced design .As a result of Suunto ma… Read More

Subacqua products can be ordered onlineAccording to data shown by the European Commission and printed by the newspaper Oje, 39% of Portuguese would rather shop on line, which shows a clear trend for the Portuguese to gradually follow European trends (63% of which are already buying online) and start to ease their shopping habits. Ingestion. This is… Read More

Frenchman Paul-Henry Nargeolet was Section of the initial expedition to retrieve Titanic objects in 1987, and it has given that descended into the wreck about thirty moments without ever getting rid of his inspiration for this magical knowledge.This previous member in the French Institute of Maritime Research and at present head of submarine explor… Read More